A Rude Encounter With a Random Stranger


Rude people are everywhere! Usually someone won’t just be rude to you for no reason, but that doesn’t stop others. Some people take their frustration out on others that they feel they can take advantage of. People they feel they are superior to. This theory is called the Frustration Aggression Theory or “Kick the Dog Syndrome”.

While I like to believe if I’m kind to others, others will be kind back to me, this moral of mine does not always hold true. Today, I was walking into the mall and grabbed the handle to the large, heavy, entrance door. I quickly glanced behind me to see if anyone was there. However, the only people behind me were a good fifteen feet away. Believe me, if the door was lighter I would have held the door open for this middle aged couple (I probably should have); but, I let the heavy door go and I walked into the mall. As I was stopped at a rack of shirts in Macy’s (the store in which I entered the mall), I felt someone touch my butt and loudly whisper in my ear, “Hey, next time you open a door make sure there is no one behind you before you shut it. Ok?” In complete shock and disgust I sarcastically responded, “Oh please” while the man couldn’t get away from me faster. I felt like saying to the guy, “Next time you want to get someone’s attention, don’t grab their butt. Ok?” but I held the urge to tell the guy off because I wanted to be better then him. The man was obviously angry with himself and the world and spotted the perfect person to displace his anger on; a young, eighteen year old girl…me.

I try and not let rude people bother me, but sometimes it is very difficult. Since there is no way to avoid rude people, and no way to stop them from saying rude things, I guess all we can do is know, “what goes around comes around” and all the rude people out there will get what they deserve.

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