The best place I’ve ever been!


Turkey is a great animal, food, and country! Last Summer I went on a cruise that traveled to Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Every country I went to was absolutely incredible. But I found the most delightful and surprising visit to be Ephesus, Turkey (Below is a beautiful shot of a Turkish valley). Prior to visiting Turkey, I thought stopping at Turkey would be a blow. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to exploring Turkey and was reluctant to even get off of the ship because of the tension between Turkey and Syria. But I am so happy I did!


Out of the five countries I traveled to this past summer, I found the nicest people to be from Turkey. The Turks were polite, kind, and thoughtful people. The taxi driver that drove my family and I all around Ephesus brought us to a great restaurant and bought us Turkish delight because he wanted my sisters and I to try it.

The food was also by far the most delicious in Turkey. We went to the restaurant that the taxi driver recommended and to say that we loved it would be an understatement. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant because I would have loved to recommend it, but I just can’t remember the name of it. Below is a picture of my sister, Lauren; the restaurant owner, Caglar Zorlu; my twin sister, Katie; and myself (excuse our horrible appearances, we had just finished a tour of the ruins of Ephesus). The reason I love, love, loved this restaurant is because of the friendly staff and delicious food. The food was fresh, tasty, and well… Turkish! We had pita bread, beef and chicken kabobs, olive leafs, humus, turkish delight, and the infamous turkish coffee. The owner of the restaurant gave us each a cup of Turkish coffee on him. I heard that if you go to Turkey you have to try turkish coffee but it was not my cup of tea (in this case, coffee). To me, it tasted like dirt and dirty water. Overall, the restaurant experience was awesome, I would love to go back if I ever visit Turkey again.


Throughout our entire trip, my family and I spent most of our “at land” days exploring the ruins of the various countries we traveled to. With the exception of Pompei, Italy; Ephesus, Turkey had the best ruins I’ve ever seen. Sure, going to Athens, Greece was a great experience but I was disappointed when I saw the ruins. Some of the palaces in Athens only had a few stones left of it; however, walking through the ruins of Ephesus was a different story. As I walked through the ruins, I was able to picture what the city was like thousands of years ago because of the organization of the statues and buildings (it was organized to look as it did long ago).

I was pleasantly surprised with my visit to Ephesus, Turkey. Overall, I would rate my experience in the beautiful city of Ephesus a nine and a half out of ten. If anyone is looking for a place to vacation to next  summer, Ephesus, Turkey is the place to go.


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